Need your Northwood Jewelry repaired?

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South Shore Jewelry & Eyeglass Frame Repair

Have old jewelry you don't love and want made into something new? Live on the South Shore of Nova Scotia and have a jewelry or eyeglass repair?  

We are proud to offer local customers resizing, repairs, reworking of old jewelry, and CAD Design all in-house.  Our goldsmith, Allan Hill, can repair most of your jewelry needs without sending it away so your items stay close to home and get repaired sooner.

With our laser welder we can tackle the smallest jobs from retipping prongs to metal eyeglass frame repair. 


  1. Can you appraise my jewelry?
    At this time we are unable to appraise your jewelry. 
  2. Will you buy my old jewelry?
    While we can help you rework your old jewelry into something new, at this time we do not purchase old jewelry. 
  3. Can you cut off a stuck ring?
    Yes. If your ring is made of gold, silver, or platinum we have a special tool for this. If your ring is made of an alternative metal we may not be able to help. 

    Cutting off a ring is a quick and simple process, but if your ring is cutting off your circulation or it is an emergency, you are best to head directly to your closest emergency room.