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Laurel Wreath in Grey Maple & Rose Gold

$1,475 USD

Ring Size: We make our rings in sizes 3 - 15+ and in quarter sizes. If your size isn't listed select ‘Other Size’ and leave your requested size as a note on checkout (size 13+ may have additional costs).


A rounded rose gold band wrapped in a wreath of gold bordered laurel leaves hand inlaid with precision cut leaves of grey maple and purpleheart and set amidst a backdrop of dark english oak. 

The laurel wreath was used to crown the most important people in ancient Rome and Greece, and is still worn in some Greek marriage ceremonies as a symbol of eternal love.  Let this band be a crown on the hand of the one you love to express your eternal love and commitment. 

Ring Width: 5-6mm



To confirm the correct ring size, we recommend being fitted at a local jeweler for a Comfort Fit band in the same width as the ring you intend to purchase. We use standard US sizes for our rings.

Because our hands naturally swell and shrink with changing weather and/or time of day, it is also helpful to visit two jewelers at different times of the day, if possible, to account for these natural fluctuations.


If you are unable to visit a jeweler, we offer a Ring Sizer shipped to your door for those residing in Canada or the US. (Available for purchase below.)

The sizer works like a belt; push the end through the buckle, then slip the sizer onto your finger and adjust the belt until you achieve a comfortable fit. Once you have determined your ring size, send us an email and we will promptly update your order so we can begin creating your ring.


  • Select a size that fits as snugly as possible on the widest point of the finger (for some customers, this may be around the knuckle). The ring may still feel a bit loose at the base of the finger, but measuring at the widest point will help ensure that you can get the ring on and off comfortably.
  • The wider the ring width, the more snugly it may fit, due to the amount of material around the finger. 


For resizing information, please review our Perfect Fit Guarantee.



 Ring Sizing Belt 

woman wearing ring sizing belt

Simple to use, and accurate, these sizing belts are standard for the industry and are a great back-up option for sizing if you can't get to your local jeweler. 

Free shipping within Canada and the USA.

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