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What Stones Pair the Best with Wood?

At Northwood Rings, our rings are made with the impeccable technique called Bentwood, which ensures your ring, even when made from all natural materials, will last for lifetimes.  This also makes sure that our wooden rings can be inlaid with all manner of stones and minerals without compromising the makeup or structure of the ring […]

Ebony: The World’s Prized Decorative Wood

Throughout history, craftsmen have developed the ingenuity to craft beautiful objects, rings, and gifts out of some of widest variety of materials, minerals, and stones available on our planet.  When picking out a material for your jewellery, ebony is a bold, yet subtle and stylish choice. What is ebony? Ebony is a dense species of […]

Our Favorite Men’s Luxury Rings

Here at Northwood, we are dedicated to sustainability, the environment, and the preservation of tradition. We also deviate from the norm and dispense with the modern institution of jewellery to bring you beautiful custom wooden rings. Still, we understand that there is nothing wrong with having some of the finer things in life. That’s why […]

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