Captivating Natural Beauty: Our natural shell, sand, and stone rings

One of the things that set us apart from other ring makers is that we are dedicated to protecting the environment. Not only are we eco-friendly and sustainable, we even go so far as to incorporate natural ideas into our creations. Our rings with natural shell, sand and stone are rich with captivating natural beauty, […]

Our Favorite Men’s Luxury Rings

Here at Northwood, we are dedicated to sustainability, the environment, and the preservation of tradition. We also deviate from the norm and dispense with the modern institution of jewellery to bring you beautiful custom wooden rings. Still, we understand that there is nothing wrong with having some of the finer things in life. That’s why […]

The History of Engagement Rings

It could be easy to think that engagements and weddings are a modern invention and that the ceremonies that go along with them are mostly the product of royalty and the people that try to emulate them; however, weddings and engagements go back much further than that. Of course, this means that the tradition of […]

Made in Canada: Northwood Rings’ Local Commitment


Here at Northwood Rings, we are proud to know that our finely-made wooden rings have become popular world-wide. People from across the globe are beginning to notice the benefits of buying a handmade wooden ring made safely and eco-friendly. That being said, our commitment is still local – we are a Canadian company. Our site […]

Environmental & sustainable: our approach to ring making

It’s no secret that many industries around the world are directly harmful to the environment. Industries such as oil, auto, chemicals, and textiles are often cited as the industries that have the most harmful effects, not to mention workers who are often exploited. What many would be surprised to know is that the jewelry industry […]

Stunning, stylish, and classy: our preferred types of wood

Making a ring out of wood might seem like something that is brand new since we are brought up to believe that wedding rings are made from gold or silver. In reality, the tradition of giving bentwood rings dates back much further in history, long before the discovery of metals. We are proud to continue […]

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