About northwood

We are a custom jewelry making company with a focus on hand-crafted natural beauty and earth first practices.

Our Purpose

Since Northwood’s beginning in 2012 it has always been our mission to provide the best customer service imaginable along with solid, beautiful craftsmanship in the creation of our jewelry. As we grew and added employees and began needing larger supplies of material a third pillar of importance became evident to us – ethical sourcing, doing no harm, and advancing equality for all.

We love creating beautiful jewelry for our customers, but even more than that, we love knowing that with a little extra effort we can not only avoid causing harm to others, but help lift our community and our world towards a better future.

Just like we won’t contribute to unfair wages or horrible working conditions abroad, we believe in fair, living wages for our employees. Not only do they deserve a wage that keeps up with inflation and allows them the luxury of meeting their basic needs, they deserve to earn enough to afford the extras, too. Our prices reflect their craftsmanship and we pay them a living (really living) wage.

We provide flexible schedules, time off, paid sick days, holiday time and a dignified, equal-footing work place where employees are treated like people, not production robots or expendable products.

Abuse towards our staff from anyone, including customers, is never tolerated.

In exchange, our employees are happy, healthy and ready to keep up with our promise of great customer service, and it shows.


Operating for over 8 years


Rings Made By Hand


Customer rating

“I ordered rings for my wife and I through here a couple of years ago, and they remain one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with in terms of their product and service.”

~ Mark Leci

The Owners

Allan Hill – Goldsmith Bio

Goldsmith and Gemsetter, Allan Hill, resides on the south shore of Nova Scotia. A lifelong love of technology and figuring out how things work led Allan to invent many of the processes used in his jewelry design today. Utilizing lost wax casting techniques along with a laser welder allows Allan to create highly detailed and precise jewelry while still using natural materials such as wood in his designs.

When he began crafting his bentwood rings in 2012 he was one of few artists using the technique. His ingenuity and inventions made him a leader in this style of ring making and Northwood Rings became a top competitor in this fast growing trend.

In 2020 he has set his sights on leaving the competition behind by turning his skills to a marriage of gold and wood fusion rings, working with his wife to design rings using techniques and tools unique only to Northwood.

Laurel Hill – Designer Bio

Nova Scotia based designer, Laurel Hill, has been honing her skills in jewelry design since 2012. First taking an interest in woodworking at a young age on her Grandfather’s farm in rural Ontario, Laurel has combined her love of nature, woodworking, and jewelry into unique fusion bentwood rings. Her work combines ethically sourced wood with gemstones and recycled gold to create modern styles.

In early 2019 Laurel studied Cloisonné enameling with Saul Bell award winning enamel artist Sandra McEwen, and is experimenting with marrying bright and colorful enamel elements into her work alongside the warm and earthy tones of wood.

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