Wood Inlay Rings: How to Choose the Perfect One (A Buyer’s Guide)


Wood wedding rings are beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry that can be both modern and timeless. Choosing the best wooden or wood inlay ring for yourself, or as a gift for your beloved, involves factors like personal style, lifestyle, and budget.  The ring search can get overwhelming very quickly, especially when there are so many choices of stones and metals these days. If you want something even more special, like a custom design, or a wood inlay ring, the potential combinations can be even more staggering. Fortunately, we’re here to help and we’ve provided some of our favorite rings.

Northwood bentwood rings are available in a range of price points for bands with and without stones. Custom bespoke rings allow you to gift or keep a one-of-a-kind wearable, sustainable keepsake, while the designs by Northwood showcase artisanal style with expertly-paired materials.

Northwood’s three collections of rings include the Romance, Elegance, and Luxury lines, each featuring rings in different styles and with different price ranges. Whether you are purchasing a Northwood ring as a gift for a partner, family member, friend, or yourself, there is a style ideal for any person.

The Luxury Collection

The Luxury Collection, with a limited number of styles, features the inverse of the Elegance and Romance lines, offering bands made primarily of gold with wooden inlays. These also feature several options with Moissanite stones, which are colorless gems that feature the same durability and sparkle of diamonds without the same cost or environmental and ethical impacts.


Ring #1 — 14k White Gold Solitaire Ring with Ebony Inlay – This ring is a more traditional solitaire and would suit a slightly more traditional bride.  It’s a wonderful way to say I Do, I Promise, or I Will.  Constructed from an inlay of dark ebony wood on a 14k gold backdrop, the 4mm moissanite gemstone is the star of the show.   If you’d like a different gemstone or size gemstone, please talk to us as we can accommodate that as well.


Ring #2 — 14K Rose Gold Band with Centered Grey Maple Inlay – One of the most popular styles that we have is our grey maple with 14k inlay.  It’s available for both men and women and is popular as it’s a perfect reverse.  You can have matching rings, or someone can get a wooden inlay ring to show off the Yin to your Yang. It’s shown in Rose Gold, but you can choose the metal and wood that best suits you as a couple.


Ring #3 — 14K White Gold Band with Inset Moissanite and Ebony Inlay —  The 14k White Gold Band with Inset Moissanite and Ebony Inlay is made from a solid construction of 14K White Gold with an inset moissanite.  This ring is stunning for both men and women.   The dark ebony wooden inlay is the perfect contrast to the metal’s bright shine and luster. This ring is available currently in a 6mm inlay, but different looks are available in custom orders.

Ring #4 — 14K Yellow Gold with Offset Santos Rosewood Inlay — The 14K yellow gold is a classic style for both men and women.  The offset santos rosewood inlay is gorgeous with a yellow gold backdrop.  The ring is available with a different type of wood if you’re seeking a slightly different look or width.  You can get matching his and hers (or his and his, hers and hers) rings, or you can change up the types of woods and metals for a different look that fits each of your individual personalities while still “matching” in terms of style.

The Romance Collection

The Romance Collection includes over two dozen combinations of natural woods, stones, gold, and sands to offer wooden rings with classic profiles. The line includes classic all-wooden rings in ebony, maple, and more as well as an English Oak ring with a 14K rose gold inlay, featuring an on-trend metal in a classic, timeless symbol. The Romance Collection also showcases a Golden Koa wood ring with an offset ebony inlay, combining a light-colored Hawaiian koa wood with a rich contrasting ebony stripe. The wooden interior allows for inscriptions and can be especially useful for people with metal allergies—a concern that drove creator Laurel Hill to first suggest wooden rings to husband and co-founder Allan Hill. Together the couple has studied with artisans and specialists across North America to design, build, and style jewelry as beautiful as it is meaningful.  It really means something that this line was designed by a couple who are in love, because you know that you’ll be getting rings that truly celebrate what it means to love one another.


Ring #5 — Golden Koa Wood Ring – The Golden Koa Wood Ring is made of bentwood in a sweet honey colored hue, and it has an ebony inlay for a contrasting complexity.  This would be a wonderful choice for couples who are opposites who attract.  Additionally, this piece of jewelry really grabs the attention of anyone who looks at it, so it’s ideal for someone who’s fashionable or who wants to make an impression.  We make each piece from hand, so it will be formed to your exact size. Because of the care in the fit and the quality of the woods it will feel both soft and comfortable as well as luxurious.  This ring also receives our “Care for Life” guarantee.

The Elegance Collection

The Elegance Collection offers a similar range of styles and prices but includes a metal interior to the ring, offering a different feel against the hand and a way to add luster both inside and outside the ring. The Elegance line includes the same materials available in the Romance line used in slightly different combinations. A grey maple ring with a 14K white gold inlay and base creates a striking and versatile style with a low profile, pairing a contemporary metal with a naturally muted wood that lets the simplicity speak for itself. A more multi-tonal option is available in the English Oak ring with Golden Koa and crushed malachite leaves forming a laurel wreath inlaid design, offering contrasting light and dark woods with a bright pop of blue-green malachite stones interspersed throughout. Another mixed material option is the Indian Rosewood with coral sand and 14K yellow gold accents and base, offering classic yellow gold with a modern twist in vivid coral sands surrounded by the warm hues of rosewood.


Ring #6 —  English Oak with Laurel Wreath – As previously mentioned, The English Oak with Laurel Wreath ring is a showstopper.  It’s one of the most unique rings that we have, and really turns heads. It’s perfect for the bride who wants some color in her life, and needs a nod to nature, more than just having beautiful bentwood in her ring, by featuring the beautiful patterns of leaves. The ring begins with a 14k yellow gold base, and is topped with a dark english oak wrap.  Then, the laurel wreath design is engraved, and filled with Hawaiian koa wood and malachite stone. This piece is perfect for English brides, couples that get married in or around Hawaii, or couples that just live to the beat of a different drummer.   It’s also ideal for someone who loves blues and greens (it could even count as the “Something Blue” if you’re a traditional wedding party.)


Ring #7 — Indian Rosewood with Gray Maple —  This bentwood ring consists of deep rosewood offset by two bands of 14 karat yellow gold, and natural grey maple.  You can really see the wood grain look, so it has a laid back feel, but it still has gold to keep it luxurious. It really seems elegant having so many mixed elements in a single piece. This ring is for men or women, and can be customized. It’s sized to comfort and perfection, as it comes with our Perfect Fit Guarantee.

In conclusion, regardless of your style and budget, there is always a wood inlay ring that will be perfect for you and your betrothed.  We offer a range of woods, metals, and stones that will appeal to absolutely everyone, and the trick is to find the one that’s special to you for the biggest day of your life.  Our rings come with a lifetime warranty, a perfect fit guarantee, and the comfort that we are a small business that just wants you to be happy– so you’ll work with our team through every step of the custom order process.  You’ll also receive the knowledge that we pride ourselves on being an ethical company that sources natural products appropriately.  We love nature and want to protect and cherish it as best as we can. We love that you’re here, and we can’t wait to sell you the most perfect wood inlay wedding or engagement ring.

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    Wooden wedding rings are beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery that can be both modern and timeless and this blog gives all the information that is required to choose the perfect wooden ring for your wedding or for some casual use. Keep sharing so that we can enjoy and gain knowledge too.

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