Wedding Day Details to Bring Your Wedding to the Next Level


When you’re focused on planning the big things for your wedding, it’s easy to forget about the little things that can bring your wedding to the next level. Although not an exhaustive list or necessary to do all items, we’ve put together some of the most looked-over planning details to help you with your planning.

Help Your Guests Find Their Way

Whether your venue is in a tricky-to-find spot, or the venue includes different locations for different parts of the day, signage can make a world of difference.

If there’s a chance your guests may get confused by directions, or lost altogether, on their way to your wedding, include a map or Google Map link on your invites. If you want to go the extra mile (literally!) you can also put up markers at key intersections to guide guests where they need to go – think arrows or balloons tied to stop signs. This is a nice little touch that guests will appreciate if it’s an area they aren’t familiar with.

If your chosen venue has multiple locations for different parts of your day, consider using a map in your program or cute arrow signs to guide guests where they need to go next so everyone makes it from the ceremony to cocktail hour through to the reception area without any hiccups.

Make a Great First Impression

Make your space more welcoming and impactful when guests arrive with decorated entries for all spaces that are part of your big day. For an outdoor wedding this could be hanging lights or sun-catching glass lanterns on surrounding trees leading to the ceremony, or lining a pathway with lanterns. For a ballroom setting, this could mean a tall arrangement at your seating chart or escort card table to grab your guests’ attention and help with guiding guests where you’d like them to go next to keep the day running smoothly.

Have a Guest Book People Will Want to Sign


The usual guest book is often missed by guests, but if the guest book takes on a fun new form, everyone will want to sign and take part! Some ideas of alternative guest books include having guests sign a game piece (like a Jenga block) which will be used rather than left on a bookshelf, or having guests take a Polaroid selfie and pinning it to a board or hanging from clothes pins on wire. Not only will it make it more enticing for guests to search out the guest book and sign or snap away, it will also give you options of how to use or display your ‘guest book’ afterwards.

Don’t Forget the Bar!

Your guests will likely be visiting the bar area a few times throughout the day or evening, so don’t forget to add some décor and special touches there to include it in the cohesive theme or look of your wedding. Some simple signage about any signature sips you’re featuring or some greenery and flowers can go a long way!

Add a Decorative Touch to the Cake Table


Your cake, or other dessert of choice, will be a main focus of your reception space so don’t forget to show it some love. Simple décor additions such as a nice linen, small blooms and tealight candles can add that extra touch to the cake table and make for even better photos during the cake-cutting. For that icing on the cake, make sure everything fits in with your color palette.

Chairs – More than just a Place to Sit                                                                                            

The right chairs can totally transform a room from drab to fab! If upgrading the chairs themselves isn’t a priority for your wedding, consider sprucing the regular chairs up a little with ribbon, flowers or a seasonally or theme appropriate item such as a miniature wreath for a winter wedding.

Keep the Kids Busy

Nobody wants a screaming baby or unruly toddler interrupting their vows, so think ahead and have a plan to keep the little ones busy or on their best behaviour. Some ideas to accomplish this are to hand out activity or colouring books with crayons, seat children by their parents for dinner so they are on their best behaviour, or if you’ve invited a fair amount of young ones, consider hiring a babysitter or two for the evening in a nearby room with activities, games, crafts, and movies as a kid-friendly space for them to hang out in.

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