How to Achieve a Proposal Story for the History Books – Engagement Ideas for Adventurous Couples

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Did you know that winter is the most popular time of the year for engagements with over 40% of all proposals taking place over the holiday season?

Chillisauce, a UK based Event Company that specializes in bachelor and bachelorette parties, recently published the results of their Marriage Proposal Survey which asked over 10,000 UK residents about their proposal preferences.

The report found that the ideal day of the year for a proposal depends on whom you are asking! Female respondents predominately preferred proposals taking place on Valentine’s Day or Christmas Eve, while males preferred a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve proposal.

You can read the full details from the survey here: https://www.chillisauce.co.uk/news/marriage-proposal/

So you’ve decided you want to pop the question, but how exactly are you going to do it?

Here are a few adventurous suggestions that could work any day of the year:

Mountain climb

The perfect, low maintenance proposal that gets you right into nature! Take a long hike up the mountain, or to a beautiful spot with the perfect view and pop the question. Be sure to plan ahead and consider who else might be using the trails when you’re there. If you’re going to a popular spot do it during a week day when it will be less busy.

Ski lift proposal

Are you the couple that’s always on the slopes? This one will require a little planning but will definitely be worth it. Stage romantic messages visible as you ascend the mountain, or set up a beautiful display waiting for you at the top. As a bonus you get to ski down together after!

Race car proposal

Perfect for the fast-moving, adrenaline loving couple. Challenge your partner to a race (and maybe even consider letting them win). Then end the race with a surprise proposal!

Sky dive proposal

For the really adventurous couple! Arrange for a surprise proposal to be waiting for you when you land, or something visible as you descend. It’s the perfect way to mask those pre-proposal jitters.

Scuba diving/snorkeling proposal

Consider an underwater proposal that is sure to be memorable. Plan a dive that’s known for its beauty, or that’s near a shipwreck. Having something planned for when you get back to land or boat! Bonus: if there are other people nearby you could ask them to capture some photos for you as wonderful memories.

Laser tag / paintball proposal

Are you the couple that’s not afraid of a little friendly competition? Take to the course and have some fun! Even considering letting them win, and then having something planned for afterwards. Or let them discover lovely messages throughout the course!

Cozy cabin, tiny treehouse

Looking for a quiet and romantic proposal that’s still a memorable one? Book a weekend away in a cozy cabin or tiny treehouse surrounded by nature. It’s the perfect year-round option.

No matter how and when you choose to propose it’s going to be something you’ll remember forever! Really consider if you want a public proposal, or if you’d prefer to keep things more private and intimate. What you pick should be reflective of your partner and what you both enjoy.
You’ll be busy trying to keep the nerves in check, it’s a good idea to recruit or hire someone to take video or photos so you can look back and remember. And don’t forget to plan to celebrate afterwards!

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