Creative Wedding Ideas for 2017

creative wedding ideas

Planning an upcoming ceremony? 2017 has been the year of creativity and couples going outside of the traditional wedding norms. Reflecting the couple’s personality and making the day unique to them will help make the day extra memorable. Here at 5 creative wedding ideas and trends that have been popular so far this year:

Unusual Themes and Venues

outdoor venueTheme weddings and receptions are gaining tremendous popularity this year. Create an unforgettable memory for you and your guests by letting your personalities shine and glow through the choice of your venue. Whether it’s in a backyard, your favorite park, at the cottage by the lake, or at your grandfather’s barn, let the environment be designed towards you. If you can’t have the wedding outside, bring the outside in with lots of greenery in the décor!

Different or Bright Colors

wedding coloursAnother big trend this summer is going with colours that aren’t part of your typical colour swatch combinations. Being able to show off your personality through bright colours is a great way to make a bold statement! What kind of colours could they be? Colours like magenta, cinnamon, tangerine, gold, and even different shades of green. Be bold, be unique, and be you!

Unique Food

wedding cupcakesFood has always been an important element in any wedding ceremony! This is one avenue where a lot of creativity can come into play and can really reflect on the personality of the couple. For example, donuts or cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake, and don’t forget a food truck for some late night eats.

Furry Friends

dog with bowtieHaving a pet a part of your big day is becoming a trend in 2017 with more furry 4-legged friends walking down the isles with their owners. Dogs, bunnies, and even donkeys have been making their appearances in ceremonies this year.

Wedding Gifts

wedding giftMost couples are happy to be uniting their lives as one and to be in the presence of loved ones. Family and friends are the best gifts most can ask for. But when it comes to wedding gifts, more and more couples are asking for money as a gift or setting up online registrations where your wedding attendees can transfer money towards their honeymoon.

Another wedding gift trend is asking people to donate to a charity of choice on behalf of the couple. This is a great way to make a special cause a part of your special day!

Have you incorporated any of these wedding ideas into your big day? We always love to hear from our customers, so let us know what you think!

Trends come and go but your ring should be a timeless reflection of you and your partner forever. Let us help you create the perfect customized wedding ring today!

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