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In our last blog post, Adventurous Honeymoons, we talked about the different types of honeymoons that an adventurous couple could take. But, we didn’t give many details about where you could actually go to get off the beaten path. Finding your adventure is half the fun, as long as it makes sense for you and your partner, that is all that really matters!

  1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
    Classified as one of the many wonders of the world this Lagoon has geothermal water that averages 37-41 Celsius (98-104 Fahrenheit)! The spa-like amenities can make for a super relaxing vacation. Spend a day or two at the Blue Lagoon and then go enjoy the rest of the natural beauty and wonders that Iceland has to offer.
  1. Cape Town, South Africa
    Cape Town should definitely be a strong consideration for your honeymoon destination if you’re looking for beautiful weather, breathtaking scenery, and (of course) sandy beaches. The incredible mountain views and clear waters will have you trying to convince your spouse to contact a realtor while relaxing at Kirstenbosch Gardens. And, if you’re lucky enough to visit Boulders Beach you may even get to see some lovable penguins! If you are looking for a honeymoon that isn’t a typical destination vacation, then you might want to consider booking a honeymoon in Cape Town.
  1. Backpacking through Europe
    Are you a venturous couple? If yes, then it’s time to grab your agenda and start planning for a backpacking honeymoon throughout Europe! Some of the world’s most cultured, historic, and striking countries are all within near proximity, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, England, and the list truly does go on.  Your Instagram account will certainly blow up with photos and comments from friends and family whether you’re catching a soccer game in England, visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, or stopping in at the Alhambra in Granada in southern Spain.
  1. Alberta, Canada
    A go-to destination for many travelers during the winter and even summer months is the province of Alberta.  Why Alberta, Canada of all places you might ask? Alberta is home to some of the world’s best camping, and it is one of the top destinations in the world for skiing. Soak up nature for your honeymoon and spend time seeing wildlife, glaciers, and the Canadian Rockies – all incredibly breathtaking.
  1. Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland, Canada
    A romantic honeymoon location is Fogo Island Inn right outside of St. John’s, Newfoundland! Even though many think of it as a luxury hotel, it’s one of the best places to visit if you’re looking to get some tranquility, peace, and serenity. They have all the amenities that one could ask for – theatre, library, gym, sauna, hot tubs, and a world class dining room with fantastic food! You’ll most likely find yourself on a few adventures while visiting the Inn, whether it is caribou watching, hiking, or iceberg watching.

We hope our suggested list of honeymoon destinations helps you to think outside the box. From the Northwood Rings family to yours we congratulate you on your new journey together as a couple and know that some amazing memories are around the corner, regardless of where you schedule your honeymoon!
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honeymoon destinations

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