Adventurous Honeymoons


A honeymoon should be a special time to connect with you and your newlywed partner. A honeymoon doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, for some it may be a tropical location with a gorgeous beach, and for others, it might mean backpacking!

We’ve compiled a list of a few great ideas of more adventurous destinations around the globe, and if you’ve done any of these or have other suggestions, please let us know!

  1. Backpacking:
    This might sound terrifying for a honeymoon activity, but backpacking can be a fantastic adventure! It’s also a great way to travel pretty cheaply; you could stay in hostels, Air B&B or hotels along your journey, whichever you prefer. A few top destinations for backpacking might be:
    Southern Asia
    South America
    Australia & New Zealand.
    All of these places have many wonderful things to see and lots of adventures just waiting to happen!
  2. Hiking/Camping:
    The destinations here are pretty much endless, nearly every corner of the world has beautiful camping locations and amazing hikes that are just waiting to be conquered. We tried to narrow it down to a few particularly beautiful locations, but we’ll leave your mind to wander on this one:
    United States
    New Zealand
    Costa Rica
  3. Festivals/Concerts:
    Maybe you are a music lover and your dream honeymoon revolves around a rock fest, or maybe you’ve always wanted to experience Oktoberfest in Munich – there are plenty of awesome trips to take around the globe that might be perfect for your getaway!
  4. Volunteering:
    There are lots of great organizations that need volunteers for different projects around the world! Depending on how long you want your honeymoon to be, this might be a really unique opportunity to spend time in a remote orphanage in India or perhaps help build a school in Africa.
  5. Cruising:
    Do you want all the adventure with less of the fuss of planning? Consider taking a cruise! You have a wide variety of options and locations to choose from.
    Hot and tropical? Try the Caribbean!
    More scenic? Try Alaska!
    Historical? Try a European River Cruise!
    Hot and Historical? Try a Mediterranean Sea Cruise!


These types of trips might not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s okay! No matter where or what you decide to do on your honeymoon, just remember to make it a special occasion for you and your partner.

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