Josh and Alicia’s Ring Story

We are so thrilled to have been sent this story from our lovely customers! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Josh and Alicia, and for choosing us to be part of your special day! 

Josh and I have known one another since 2010 when we both started going to school for Paramedicine. We weren’t always close but we had a similar group of friends and share many memories from that time, which can still make us laugh to this day. We always get a good chuckle out of his embarrassing nicknames for me that somehow always stuck and the way I “accidentally” asked him out, then quickly revoked it when I thought he could get the “wrong idea”.

When we both graduated, Josh moved away to work in Ottawa and I got hired in the region of Peel. A year later Josh returned and we were both surprised how well we hit it off at our second “go” at friendship. That phase lasted no longer than a few weeks when we both got chosen to volunteer in an overseas mission trip to Kenya with an organization called “Medic’s HELP”. It was less than two weeks into the fundraising phase of this trip before we were “official” and I suppose you can say we ended up falling in love in Africa. To this day that trip holds a very special place in our hearts and we have nothing but fond memories of the entire experience.

Since that trip, we’ve been blessed with countless moments that have helped us grow together and become more than best friends. Whether it’s adventuring in the mountains, exploring the Yukon or spending 3 weeks on a portaging trip in northern Ontario, there’s no place I’d rather be than trudging along beside him. (It’s incredible how well you get to know someone when you’re sleeping in a quinzhee for 3 nights at -30).

On June 10th of last year, he once again made me the happiest girl in the world by doing the old fashioned down-on-one-knee thing all of us girly girls dream of…and in the middle of the night, under a lamp post in the heart of Trinity Bellwood’s park a heavily excited, overly emotional “fiancée” could be seen jumping up and down in her pajamas saying yes! yes! yes!

After I had calmed down enough to take a look at the ring on my finger the waterworks once again started. He had taken the sand he saved from a beach on that first adventure to Kenya and had it set as an inlay in a gorgeous wooden ring made of English Oak. It represents our love for one another, the great outdoors, and our beginning all with one glance at my hand. I’d later find out he had a similar one made for his wedding band with sand from Lake Superior…another place that holds countless memories and emotions for us.

Many thanks to Northwood Rings for bringing to my hand and our hearts all the memories and emotions of our beginning.

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