Beautiful & Thoughtful: Your eco-friendly gift giving guide

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This holiday season celebrate the true spirit of gift giving. Make a conscious choice to give gifts from companies that are making the world a better place.

We’ve put together a list of our top choices that are perfect, no matter what your reason for celebrating is this holiday season.

For the eco eater:

The Vegan Box
Give a gift that gives all year! Your hungry loved ones will rejoice when they unwrap a subscription to a monthly snack box filled with treats they’re sure to love. The best part? You’re able to customize the box for their unique nutrition needs and taste preferences. Some of them more popular subscription services include NatureBox, The Vegan Box, or Bestowed. Looking for snacks, but with less of a commitment? Check out Jules Wellness for single-order boxes, packed with the same great snacks.

For the philanthropic fashionista:

Feed Tote Bag
Pick a present that paired with a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. There’s no shortage of clothing and accessory brands that are partnering with worthwhile causes. A few of our favourites: Feed who fights the fight against world hunger with every accessory purchased, and Northwood Ring’s own Indian Rosewood with Full Coral Sand Inlay ring that supports the Coral Reef Alliance’s work to preserve our coral reefs and the sea life they sustain.


For the green-thumbed giftee:

Herb garden

Bring some lasting brightness to someone’s space and gift some green! Our pick is a small, easy to manage, self-watering flower or herb kit. It’s the perfect gift no matter what your budget is, or what gardening skills they’re working with! Our favorite (and Oprah’s!) is US based Modern Sprout, who offer a full-proof way of simple and stylish growing.


For the mindful minimalist:

We all know someone who has it all, or who just hates clutter. Consider gifting an experience, over an item. Look for a gift card to their favorite restaurant, a mini-break getaway, or even passes to a local museum or festival they’re sure to love. You’ll support your local business owners while giving an unforgettable or relaxing break.


For the fresh-faced naturalist:

Harlow Skin Co
We believe in doing no harm, and making the world a better place. It’s time to dispel the myth that beauty products need to be chemical heavy formulas to do their job. Freshen up your friends and family’s beauty routine with therapeutic, whole ingredient beauty products. We especially love fellow Canadian brand Harlow Skin Co., who share a love of beautiful, harm-free products that make your day extra special.


Is there a gift you’d love this holiday season? Comment below! We’d love to hear what you’re hoping for.

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