6 wedding trends that shined in 2016


From the venue to the table settings and everything in between, 2016 saw a return to all things simplistic and naturally beautiful. Following the Northwood Rings spirit, brides and grooms shifted towards relaxed and casual settings inspired by nature and injected their unique flair where ever possible.


Rustic chic venues and woodland vibes

Mountain-side WeddingWhether it was choosing a venue location with a mountain backdrop, or getting cozy in a rustic barn, couples chose to say their I Dos in everyday locations that showcased their surroundings. Respecting the beauty of the venues, these spaces were transformed into spectacular, yet intimate settings as whimsical as a fairy-tale.
As we move to 2017, rustic barn settings and forest locations will still be popular choices, but expect to see some couples opting for bright tropical backdrops and vintage, 20s-inspired themes as well.

Nature-supplied decor

SucculentsTaking a cue from the venue trends, 2016 weddings prominently featured natural element details including cork, cement, stone and our favourite –wood! Lending a whimsical feeling, couples created ambiance though candles, string lights, greenery, and branches. From wood rounds as table chargers, to an ivy back dropped-ceremony, we adored the creative ways couples kept it simple this year.
2017 will still have a strong connection to nature, but expect it to be featured in new and creative ways. We’re particularly excited to see more bold and bright floral arrangements and stunning use of greenery in unexpected ways.

Sustainable snacking

Farmers Market Stall
Food is arguably the most important part of a wedding – short of the couple, and the rings! 2016 saw a shift to deliberate meal choices that focused on organic and locally sourced food. Guest dinned on green menus that were conscious of what was in season and what was locally accessible.
Fortunately, the local food movement doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. Expect to continue to see a focus on delicious, seasonable, and sustainable food options in 2017. Couples are adding even more personalization by opting to offer local foods in quirky new ways – think oyster pop-up food trucks for East Coast weddings.

Handcrafted sweets

Macaroon towerContinuing with the shift to all things handmade, artisanal and rustic, guests were treated to a break from the typical cake options, and offered handmade artisanal donuts, towers of macaroons, naked cakes and homemade pies as the dessert options of choice. Spectacularly displayed on corkboards, spread across tables, and stacked on top of each other in impressive towers, couples proudly integrated their dessert offerings into the overall décor.
2017 brings another new dessert option – handheld treats! Meringues and even handheld frozen treats are starting to pop-up as the newest treat for guests.

Bright and bold mixed with soft and mellow

Colour Palette In a complete juxtaposition, 2016 saw grays, creams and dusty rose strategically paired with metallic, brights and bold floral inspired colors. Neutral color choices dominated clothing choices, while bright and vibrant pinks, purples, reds and blues were showcased through elaborate floral arrangements and sprinkled across tables.
The coming year sees more of the same with metallic and soft palates dominating. Expect to see the introduction of a new trend – watercolour-inspired colors and accents! This soft, romantic vibe offers a fresh take and pairs perfectly with nature and rustic inspired weddings.

A personalized touch

Board Game
While we love looking to trends for inspiration, we feel a wedding should highlight everything that makes the couple unique. From satellite cocktail bar featuring the couple’s favourite drink or integrating the couple’s favourite pastime (like karaoke or board games) into the big day, 2016 had couples opting for new and creative ways to let their personalities shine.
Personalization will still be key in 2017. Look for brides to showcase their personality through stunning and non-traditional wedding dress including blush gowns, bold and bright floral prints, and crop top and cocktail length gowns.
Trends aside, your ring choice should be timeless and forever, like your relationship! Start looking for your forever ring today.

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