When Should I Buy My Wedding Ring(s)?


The run up from initially getting engaged to the actual date that you tie the knot can be hectic. With so much to do, breaking off all the tasks into manageable chunks can help keep stress levels down. So when should you actually purchase your wedding rings?

The Right Time to Buy Your Ring(s)

First of all, each couple is completely unique (something that we really understand and embrace at Northwood.) There is no “right answer,” and every wedding comes with its own set of circumstances. So of course, any recommendations are just guidelines that might be helpful to follow, rather than set-in-stone-rules.
With that in mind, here are some questions and considerations you should take into account to figure out what’s right for you:

  1. What’s your overall timeline from engagement to your wedding day? If you’ve just gotten engaged and you’re planning to get married in three months, you’ll probably want to jump on looking for a ring sooner rather than later. But if you’ve decided on a date that’s two years out, you can definitely take care of some other items well before you start thinking about shopping for rings, or purchasing one.
  2. Take Your Budget into Account. If you’re planning on spending big on wedding rings, then you may want to leave it a bit later, giving you more time to save up (and avoid racking up too much on your credit card that you can’t quickly pay off!) On the other hand, if you have a firm budget in mind for the wedding as a whole, it might be more practical to start looking right away, with your budget in mind.
  3. Don’t forget about the sizing and ring creation process. In most cases, you’re not going to be able to walk into a store or go online and get your ring that day. That’s especially true if you’re ordering a custom-made ring. So leave a little extra leeway for the actual creation of the ring. Remember, sometimes fingers swell up and down – so you might require a re-size after you try on your ring. It’s always a good idea to get professionally measured, whether you’re buying your ring in a store or online!
  4. The further in advance you start, the more time you have to find the right ring. At the end of the day, even if everything in the wedding planning process goes perfectly, you’ll be glad you left a little extra time; it’s one more thing you can check off your list!

Rules of Thumb

If you’re looking for a general rule of thumb on purchasing your wedding ring, don’t leave it until the last month before the wedding. Finding the right ring is a choice that should make you happy for years to come. The more time you leave yourself, the more time you’ll have to make the right choice for you and your partner.

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