Choosing a Custom Inscription for Your Wooden Ring


At Northwood Rings, we offer you the option of inscribing a message on your ring. A wood-friendly alternative to engraving, inscriptions will not shorten the life of your ring and will let you add a special message for your partner. Instead, we use a special ink to inscribe your message on to the ring.

We love inscriptions, because they are an excellent way to make your ring completely original and unique. We admire the bravery and creativity that is displayed when couples take the time to describe the special love that they share. Whether you are naturally drawn to using words to express yourself, or if you are a quieter soul who prefers actions over words, there is a way to find the perfect inscription to describe your love.

There are as many types of inscriptions as there are couples. Here are some ideas to get you started!


  • If you are both choosing a wooden ring for your wedding band, you may choose a matching inscription.
  • Another idea is to choose a quotation that has special significance for the two of you, and split the quote in half so you each have part of the quote. This will create a sense of connection between the two rings, even if they are completely different styles.


  • Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world (according to Percy Shelly, who was himself a poet) so why not let a favorite poet tell your beloved how you feel? From the great Romantic poets, to contemporary wordsmiths, there are many poems to choose from.
  • Your local bookstore can help you find a poem that might suit, and there are many poems to be found online.


  • The word poetry is looser than it was in Shelly’s time. A line from a favorite musician also has potential, and many couples already have a song that reminds them of a special time in their relationship. (For an even more thematically relevant inscription, why not also choose this song as your first dance song?)


  • Many people have a favorite book that they share. Why not choose a line from a book that has a special meaning to your relationship? The book does not have to be a romance, and the line does not have to directly reflect on the nature of love. A simple quote that represents a shared opinion or life view could also be a marvelous way to begin your journey together.

Wedding Vows

  • If you are writing your own wedding vows, there may be a sentiment contained within the vows that could easily be appropriated for a ring inscription. Since this inscription will be personally written, it will be that much more cherished.


Always be conscious of the size of the ring and the limitations. Shorter lines will work better than long ones.

If you have questions about the feasibility or location of the inscription you have chosen, feel free to contact us. We can give you advice about your inscription and tell you what the projected inscription will look like on your ring.

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