Of Trees and Rings: Choosing the Perfect Wood


Trees have been a source of spiritual meaning for as long as humanity can remember. Most religions and cultures have ascribed cosmological significance to trees, and the history and lore still resonate today.
Today, trees have an added significance as ecological guardians. In choosing a wooden ring, you are making a sound ecological choice, but you are also giving thanks to one of the most significant plant families existing today. Trees are beautiful and dignified, and they also contribute to the air we breathe.
Wood Meaning

  • Not every tree has the same characteristics. Different trees have different associations. For example, the oak is the national tree of England because of its significance as a symbol of strength and endurance.
  • If you want your ring to have an added significance, choose a wood that has a particular meaning for your culture or spiritual beliefs. The meaning and significance of wood has been disseminated all over the world, so each tree can hold many stories. The symbol that has the most meaning for you will be the one that you can ascribe to your ring.


  • Many couples have a favorite place that has special significance for them as lovers. When choosing a wood for your ring, you can think of the trees that remind you of your special place. Whether it is a species that is common to the area, or a particular tree that you have in mind, thinking about place can help you choose the ring that best suits your love.

New Memories

  • If you are getting married outdoors, you can use the wood of the ring as a catalyst for your wedding reception theme. The beauty of the trees can influence the colour theme and flower arrangements (why not add some branches to those flowers?).
  • A beautiful ink sketch of a tree that represents the wood of your wedding rings would make an amazing addition to the wedding invitations. You could even include a short description of the ring’s wood and what the significance of that tree is for you as a couple.
  • If the tree has a special symbolic, spiritual or commemorative meaning for you as a couple, you could use the meaning as creative inspiration for your marriage vows!

At Northwood Rings, we have firsthand experience with the spiritual significance of wood rings. We search for species that represent a deep and lasting commitment, as well as a natural beauty. The wood types that we use at Northwood Rings include: Oak, Birch, Maple, Ebony, Santos Rosewood, Walnut, Mahogany, Koa, and Elm. Take a look at our selection today!

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