Wood Accessories: The Next Trend in Fashion

In this day and age, people are more socially conscious when it comes to what their accessories, clothes, and other fashion items are made of.  As technology has advanced, alternatives for leather, diamonds, and other morally questionable products have multiplied and evolved to suit our functional and aesthetic needs.  Open your mind to the possibilities and check out these great accessories ethically sourced from wood.


When people think of watches these days, they often think of clunky, chrome metal pieces.  Watches made from wood are often soft, flexible, and made from all-natural wood.  Wood watches are also more likely to come in simple, clean, and understated designs that highlight the natural movement and grain of the wood.  They are also an accessory that is 100% environmentally responsible.


From bangles, to soft bracelets, to hard cuffs, fashion designers have perfected the art of using wood to the full extent that it can be used.  Wood bangles are a great alternative for a look that does not jingle like a wind chime every time you move your arms. Wooden jewelry is hardly a new concept, but recently designers have developed sewable wood, cork, and even sewable slate to make jewelry that looks as good as it makes you feel.


Stylists and designers have found ways to make wood as sewable and pliable as leather.  This allows fashion designers to make even complex, soft items like loafers out of organic woods like cork.  Cork shoes make an excellent alternative to leather while retaining all the richness in colour, texture, and durability.  The final look is one that is chic, modern, and innovative – your footwear allows you to be the change you want to see in the world.


Similarly to what can be done with shoes, cork is a durable, biodegradable material that can even be made to look like snakeskin or other animal leathers.  Also, by purchasing cork bags, shoes, or accessories, you help in preserving Europe’s rapidly disappearing Cork Oak trees.  The more demand increases for cork products, the more cork trees will be planted – the world can always benefit from a few more trees.

Making the responsible choice when it comes to fashion is easier, trendier and more affordable than ever thanks to advancements in technology and socially minded innovators, from jewelers to fashion designers.  Accessories made of wood can stand up to the bumps and scrapes of daily life, and can also last for years and years as the wheel of fashion trends continues to turn.

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