Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas


Getting married is a time-honoured reason to throw a big party for your friends and family. However, the bigger a party or a wedding is, the more likely it will have an impact on the environment around it.  Many traditional practices at weddings can leave behind garbage, debris, other forms of pollution, and can even waste energy needlessly.  You can make your wedding an event to remember – an event that sets an example – by having a charming, beautiful, well-organized wedding without hurting the environment.  Here are some great ways to make your wedding a night to remember without breaking the bank, and while staying environmentally responsible. 


Throwing rice at a wedding is symbolic of prosperity and good luck, but it is neither of those things for the local birds.  Rice can expand in a bird’s stomach after eating it, making for very uncomfortable birds indeed.  Confetti too can just end up as debris on the ground once it has made its way through the air – neither rice nor confetti are especially ecologically responsible choices.

However, some great alternatives are:

  • Snowflakes: Machine-made snowflakes look magical as they fly through the air, and wash away after the first rain.  Your post-ceremony photos will look like they came straight out of movie magic.
  • Seed bombs: You can provide your guests or your wedding party with eco-friendly seed bombs that can be left on the ground after being thrown – and will even sprout into beautiful flowers, so the land will remember the beautiful wedding that occurred there.
  • Bird seed: Bird seed resembles rice in shape and density, and in addition to giving the wildlife a treat, you can add a certain fairy tale ambiance to the place when birds of all kinds stop by for a snack.

Energy Efficient Lighting

The way your reception is lit can really give the party of your wedding a wonderful feeling and appearance.  Remember to take in the time of day, whether the reception is indoors or outdoors, and what is feasible for you to have available.  We often take electricity for granted, but energy consumption can really have an impact on the environment around us.  There is no reason why your wedding can’t be magically lit and be easy on the electricity usage at the same time.  Here are some options for the lighting at your wedding reception:

  • Candles: The best candles for a wedding reception would be beeswax candles.  In addition to a subtle, soft, and natural scent, beeswax candles can give any area a peaceful glow that can really set the mood.  Beeswax also supports honey bees, which are fighting colony collapse all over the continent, so supporting your local beekeeper through decorating your wedding is a great thing to do for the environment.  Not to mention, beeswax candles burn with less toxins in their smoke and, obviously, cost no electricity to light.
  • Solar powered lights: If your ceremony is in the afternoon, the lights can be off and charging all day and be ready to switch on just as the sun sets.  Many solar powered lights are designed to have a rounded, palatable light that can look good anywhere.  If you are having an outdoor reception, that magical moment where the sun starts to set and the solar lights come on as the stars come out is one you’ll never forget.

Make the responsible choices with your wedding, and you will impress your guests on two fronts: that you can throw such a beautiful party, and that you can do it all while being environmentally conscious.  Planning your party with the environment in mind will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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