Ebony: The World’s Prized Decorative Wood

Throughout history, craftsmen have developed the ingenuity to craft beautiful objects, rings, and gifts out of some of widest variety of materials, minerals, and stones available on our planet.  When picking out a material for your jewellery, ebony is a bold, yet subtle and stylish choice.

What is ebony?

Ebony is a dense species of wood that is very tough and durable due to its density – ebony is so dense it will actually sink in water under the right circumstances.  Historically, ebony was used to make luxury items like chess pieces, large wooden cabinets and wardrobes, and commonly used for furniture.  Some of the earliest examples of crafted ebony have been found in tombs sealed since the time of Ancient Egypt, as gifts for the deceased to take to the afterlife.  It was also even violin fingerboards and tuning pegs, and black piano keys.

What does it look like?

Ebony wood has a unique black hue to its grain and comes in a few varieties.  It has varying dark hues and can sometimes appear striped with darker and lighter hues together in the same grain of wood.  Ebony is so unique that some wood sellers have been known to try and counterfeit the rare wood by blackening lighter and more common wood with shoe polish.  Given the right treatment, any chair, figurine, or piece of jewellery can look as if it is made of a deep black stone.  This is one of the traits that makes ebony such a unique and sought-after type of wood: its ability to appear and feel as heavy and solid as alabaster stone, but pliable, workable, and approachable to carve as any other species of wood.

Why should I consider ebony jewellery?

In the world and trends of modern jewellery, it is common enough to see the bright colours and sharp angles of decorative stones and hard metals trying to catch everyone’s attention.  The smooth, dark subtlety of a black ebony ring is sure to make a striking impression on anyone who sees it, without trying too hard.  In addition, Northwood Rings’ ebony wooden rings always source from eco-friendly, ethically sourced renewable suppliers of wood, so purchasing an ebony ring supports an ethically and ecologically friendly business and endeavour.

What pairs well with ebony?

One of the excellent things about this type of wood is its pallor and hue.  Being a black jewellery material, ebony will pair well with pretty much anything and never clash with any custom design you may be considering.  Make your next ring a mixed-media piece, with an ebony and white gold-inlay ring, or even set a stone over an ebony band.  With a material as versatile as ebony, the sky is the limit in terms of design ideas.

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