Monthly Archives: December 2015

Our Favourite Gender-Neutral Wedding Bands

gender neutral wedding ring

Your wedding band is a daily reminder of your love and commitment – a practically designed ring built to withstand all the bumps, scrapes, and stress of daily wear.  Your wedding band should be unique to your preferences, your style, and should reflect your aesthetic preferences regardless of trends or traditions set in place before […]

Why Your Next Ring Should be Made of Rosewood

There are hundreds of different options available to you in terms of what material your ring should be made out of.  Whether it is a gift, a wedding band, an engagement ring, or an anniversary ring, the substance your ring is made out of is very personal and has to work well with the person […]

Ebony: The World’s Prized Decorative Wood

Throughout history, craftsmen have developed the ingenuity to craft beautiful objects, rings, and gifts out of some of widest variety of materials, minerals, and stones available on our planet.  When picking out a material for your jewellery, ebony is a bold, yet subtle and stylish choice. What is ebony? Ebony is a dense species of […]

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