Our Favorite Men’s Luxury Rings

Here at Northwood, we are dedicated to sustainability, the environment, and the preservation of tradition. We also deviate from the norm and dispense with the modern institution of jewellery to bring you beautiful custom wooden rings. Still, we understand that there is nothing wrong with having some of the finer things in life. That’s why we have some stunning luxury rings in stock for the couple that wants to embrace a different look. Infused with precious metals and made-to-fit, they are some of the best that we have. Here are our favorite luxury rings:

Ebony with blue stone mix and white gold accents

This ring is one of the few that we have that does its best to stand out. It is one that jumps right out at the viewer. This beautiful ebony wood ring is accented with 14k white gold bands and is completed with the stunning addition of a lapis lazuli, turquoise and malachite inlay. This is a ring that will be admired. This sleek, mesmerizing and luxurious ring is as gorgeous as it is captivating.

Indian rosewood with grey maple and white gold accents

The beauty of Indian rosewood is difficult to rival. When you couple that with white gold inlays, it is beyond comparison. Add in the grey maple inlay and it creates a contrast that is both elegant and pleasing to the eyes. Alluring, captivating, and awe-inspiring are just a few of the words that you could use to describe this beautiful bentwood ring.

Ebony wood with yellow gold

Sophisticated, sleek, and powerful are the right words to describe this ring. Just because something is basic doesn’t mean that it isn’t beautiful or stunning. This ring is the embodiment of everything that we stand for: tradition, simplicity, and sustainability. The ebony wood is accentuated by the precious 14k yellow gold inlay creating a vibrant yet simplistic blend for you to admire on your finger.

Even though we love simplicity and the basic things in life, there is nothing wrong with going with some of the finer things in existence. That’s why we have a wonderful collection of lavish products for those who want to have a beautiful ring that stands out immediately. These are our favorite men’s luxury rings – feel free browse the catalogue and see which one fits you best.

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