The History of Engagement Rings

It could be easy to think that engagements and weddings are a modern invention and that the ceremonies that go along with them are mostly the product of royalty and the people that try to emulate them; however, weddings and engagements go back much further than that. Of course, this means that the tradition of rings goes back just as far. While we will never know exactly when it started, we do have a lot of clues and evidence to support the history of the engagement ring. Here is what we know so far.

An ancient tradition 

Artefacts and even ancient story tellers and traditions point to wedding ceremonies being performed thousands of years ago into prehistory. We know that people have been joined together into both legal and spiritual bonds for as long as there has been society. There is evidence that ancient people used grass, wood, and other natural elements as props during their ceremonies. Ancient Egyptians tied wire made of silver or gold around their third fingers much like we do today to symbolize their bonds.

The Middle Ages to recent history

As technology became more advanced so too did ring making. Rings made of gold and other metals or materials were given at wedding ceremonies. Archduke Maximillian gave his bride a diamond wedding ring that was the talk of Europe at the time. This gave birth to a new tradition albeit one that was not very popular until modern times. Within the next few centuries everyone from the Puritans in the Americas to the Victorians in Europe would start giving rings made of materials including wood, gold, and even human hair! The diamond supply rapidly increased due to the discovery of diamonds in Africa, leading to the modern industry that currently dominates the trend.

Modern Times

Despite the tradition of giving a ring made out of whatever materials were available or suited the fancy of the recipient, the control of the diamond industry and the increased supply lead to gold rings with diamonds becoming the norm. New styles were dreamt up, new traditions born, and retailers even tried to launch the idea of engagement rings for men. Sadly, people were pushed to believe they should spend a certain amount of money on rings or get rings of a certain kind by the media. In reality, wedding rings had always been of all different kinds of materials, and have never had to be a certain price. That is why we take pride in making affordable, beautiful, hand-crafted wooden ones.

Despite what some would have you think, it is important to know that the history of providing a symbol of your marriage to your partner is one that is as old as mankind. We have always given something, and rings are just a modern embodiment of this tradition. That is why we sell traditional, natural, hand-made wooden rings. We are proud to continue this tradition in a safe and honest way.

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