The Benefits of Bentwood Rings

We pride ourselves on making high-quality rings, and knowing that each piece that we make is handcrafted to perfection through a painstaking process. That is what makes our rings so special. The techniques that we use ensure that the end product is not only a sight to behold, but is also durable. The benefits of bentwood rings are enormous as compared to their counterparts. Here are a few reasons why we use them.

The process 

In normal wooden rings, the end grain is going to be exposed. This means that it will be less durable and is at risk of cracking when exposed to pressure or to the elements. Instead of a simple structure, we will have thin layers of wood wrapped around the ring. This creates a piece with no weak spots. We heat the wood to the exact right temperature, wrap it around a form, and clamp into place so that it holds shape. We typically use 5-7 layers for maximal strength.


Our experienced team of craftsmen will customize your piece to exactly the dimensions that you want it to be. After the ring has been moulded into shape, we cut and polish it to make sure that it is smooth, and then we add in the custom inlays that you want. Lastly, we use several coats of protective sealant to ensure its toughness, and we maintain the finish as a free service as well.


What we offer is a ring that will last a long time. Unlike normal rings, these are not at risk of wear and tear from water or the elements. Your ring can even be worn while showering! The extra layers and attention to detail mean a strong frame that won’t buckle under pressure.

Bentwood is a technique that is used for everything from building canoes to fashioning rings. This technique is a painstaking process but is well worth it. The end product is a beautiful, durable ring that won’t break or succumb to water. All of our beautiful, hand-made rings are made with this process to ensure that what you get lasts a lifetime.

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