Toughness and Beauty: Santos rosewood rings

Here at Northwood, we know that the ring you are putting on your partner’s finger is meant to last forever. That’s why we only use woods that we know will bring lasting durability for as both as you both shall live. We have an eclectic mix of woods from domestic sources, as well as from abroad. One of our favorites is Santos rosewood. From the depths of the Central American wilderness to the ring finger of your lover’s hand, the mix of toughness and beauty that it brings is almost unrivalled.
The beauty of Santos is apparent from the first glance. With mixes of reds, deep purples, and light-orange, the colors will jump out at you from the moment you lay eyes on it. The grains will arrange the colors in patterns that are impossible to replicate. Used throughout mansions and resorts in more tropical areas of the world, this wood is meant to exude class and sophistication.
There are few workable woods tougher than Santos. It scores higher than average on the hardness scale, and much higher than more typical woods like rosewood. Nothing beats the peace of mind you have when you know that what you are wearing is going to last a lifetime. Not only is it incredibly hard, but it also very durable. It is used to build homes and as a high-class choice for flooring as well. It is very difficult to work, so our craftsmen need to spend their time shaping your ring, but it is well worth it in the end.
One of the major selling points for people when they choose Santos for their floors is that it is resistant to wear and tear from things like pet accidents because it is so easy to clean. The same goes for your ring. It won’t trap dirt, and won’t stain. Simple cleaning will do just fine every once in a while.
We are dedicated to providing you the very best in quality, and in order to do that we have to painstakingly seek out the finest woods on the planet for our products. When it comes to lasting durability, toughness, and beauty, there is nothing superior to Santos rosewood.  Your bond is meant to last a lifetime, and so should your ring.

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