Made in Canada: Northwood Rings’ Local Commitment


Here at Northwood Rings, we are proud to know that our finely-made wooden rings have become popular world-wide. People from across the globe are beginning to notice the benefits of buying a handmade wooden ring made safely and eco-friendly. That being said, our commitment is still local – we are a Canadian company. Our site may have prices in United States Dollars, but that is only because of the international nature of our business. We are proud to be taking Canada to the forefront of this revolution in jewelry making. 

A Canada Based Company

We are a small company located in Mahone Bay on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. Our team is made up crafty, intelligent, and hardworking people and everything is done in our shop. Although we do a lot of business internationally, we work mostly right here at home in Canada. Not only do we do our work here, but we also have a wide selection of Canadian woods from our vast wilderness like cherry, maple or bird’s eye birch if you happen to be looking for a local product. Our business is growing, but we haven’t forgotten our roots.

Local Benefits

We know that seeing prices in another currency is a bit of a hassle if you’re shopping from Canada, and can make the process more difficult for you. We truly thank you for sticking with us and understanding the nature of our business. We are always happy to help you over the phone with a currency conversion to help give you a better quote, and sometimes we can even give you a bit of a local’s discount on certain products. It could be in the form of a friendlier exchange rate or by some other manner. We just want you to know that we are here to help. The icing on the cake is that all of our in-country purchases are shipped with FedEx and will usually arrive the day after they are sent out from our shop (depending on location, of course).

Hand-carved wooden rings are quickly becoming popular around the world. Our dedication to detail, avoidance of the harmful practices of jewelry industry, and dedication to our customer’s wishes has made people around the world take notice. That doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten that we are here in Canada, though. We work here, live here, source many of our wood’s here, and do everything we can to help out locals with CAD price quotes, overnight shipping, and even some local’s discounts when we can. We are still your local handcrafted wooden ring maker!

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    I would recommend this company to any one. The customer service is spot on (Kristen answered all of my questions very quickly and told me exactly what I needed/wanted to know). The products they make are high quality and the guarantees they offer cannot be compared. If you’re having any doubts just buy it. You will not be disappointed.

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