Stunning, stylish, and classy: our preferred types of wood

Making a ring out of wood might seem like something that is brand new since we are brought up to believe that wedding rings are made from gold or silver. In reality, the tradition of giving bentwood rings dates back much further in history, long before the discovery of metals. We are proud to continue this age-old tradition, and are happy to bring you the finest selection of wooden rings available. Fashioning things out of wood is a custom as old as time, and every human culture has used this resource to their advantage. The beauty, uniqueness, and style in each one of our handcrafted rings is unmatched by other materials. Our preferred types of wood are all durable, stunning, and beautiful. Here are just few of them: 

English Oak

The English oak is known as a “long-lived” tree because its lifespan can spread across a thousand years or more. That is why we prefer to use it to make our rings. The bond of marriage is for life, and the ring that symbolizes that bond should last that long too. Widely used in furniture, and in heavy demand from craftsmen, this wood is the resource of choice for people who want to make beautiful, durable, long-lasting products.

Indian Rosewood

Like its name suggests, this extremely durable tree is native to the Indian sub-continent and the surrounding area. An extremely important symbol for the people of the Punjab region, its importance to humans dates back millennia. It is one of the world’s most popular forms of timber, and is so common that it simply just referred to as rosewood. It is able to withstand extremes in temperature from freezing cold to hot and dry without losing shape or strength. The people of its native region have used it for everything from heating their homes to brushing their teeth. We choose this product because of its quality and durability.

American Walnut

Walnut wood’s dark colors and incredibly strong disposition make it one of the most valued woods for flooring and furniture. Any ring made of this material is guaranteed to be deeply beautiful, with different dark hues, and also extremely durable and resistant to wear.

There are so many different types of wood in the world, but only a few that are really worth being worn around your finger. We make sure to only use the highest quality, most beautiful and durable woods available. We want your ring to last a lifetime and beyond, and to last as a keepsake for your family to enjoy long after your days are done. Our preferred types of wood for engagement rings are guaranteed to last and look great throughout the years.

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