Environmental & sustainable: our approach to ring making

It’s no secret that many industries around the world are directly harmful to the environment. Industries such as oil, auto, chemicals, and textiles are often cited as the industries that have the most harmful effects, not to mention workers who are often exploited. What many would be surprised to know is that the jewelry industry is also a culprit in harming the environment and people’s well-being. Our approach to ring making is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and harmless to those involved. We believe in doing no harm, and making the world a better place.

We mostly use reclaimed materials

When you see the beautiful, pristine forests of North America, or the lush rain forest of Brazil, it could be easy to think that there is no end to the trees in existence. This sadly isn’t true. Deforestation due to high demand for wood is a real issue in the world, and one that our children are going to have to deal with the effects of. While there is no real way to end the use of wood, we do need it after all, there are ways we can lessen the effects. We use only reclaimed materials or those sourced from reputable companies that do their part to protect the environment.

We don’t deal in diamonds

The diamond industry is many things. Without naming anyone in particular it is safe to say that one of those things is dangerous. While many of the stories of working conditions are overblown by the media, it is safe to say that the process of mining diamonds is often shady at best. We do not deal in them, and don’t believe that anyone should. Besides the questionable working conditions, the harmful effects on the environment from digging and maintaining mines are reasons we choose alternatives.

We use lab-grown alternatives

As we said before, the process of mining is both dangerous to the workers, and bad for the environment. That is why we choose lab-grown alternatives such as Moissanite. They cause no harm, and do not damage the environment. The people who grow them in the labs are well-trained and well-paid all the while working under safe conditions. On top of that, the fact that they are not mined means that they won’t hurt the environment in any way. Equally as beautiful, strong, and durable as natural counterparts, lab-grown alternatives are a great choice for the eco-conscious consumer.

We want you to know that our principles are how we live our lives and make our products. Everything we offer is handcrafted, well-made, and environmentally friendly. We believe in doing no harm to anyone else or the world we live in. We all have to share this planet, so it is on us to change our industries for the better. We hope that you take these things into account when you are looking to buy your next ring.

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