How to Remove Very Stuck Rings

How to remove a stuck ring

They say in fashion that there’s no beauty without pain. We love how much our customers love our rings, but we never want you to have to suffer to wear them (or any other ring for that matter). If one of our or another jeweler’s rings are caught on your finger, here are a few ways to get them off without damaging the ring or one of your ten digits.

Floss/String Ring Removal Technique

I’ve seen a lot of rings in my day and even I had never heard of this one. You need these three things:

  • Stuck ring (you already have that)
  • Dental floss or a shoelace
  • Maybe a sewing needle.

Basically what you do is wrap the string around your ring-entangled finger somewhat tightly but not so much that your fingers start turning blue or purple. Remember, these tricks are meant to save you from an amputation. You will need to wrap at least to the first knuckle.

When the string reaches the ring tuck the loose end under it and pull it through. This is where you may need the sewing needle. If the ring is very tight the needle will help get the string through. Be careful not to prick yourself!

Once the string is through the ring, pull on the loose end and this should push the ring over the part of the finger you have wrapped and off the finger altogether.

The technique looks a lot like this when performed by nurses at an ER:

Slippery Liquids Ring Removal Technique

This one is a bit more simple and works for rings that are not as severely stuck.

All you need is one of the following:

  • Stuck ring (you already have that)
  • Window cleaner like Windex, or
  • Butter or
  • Hand lotion or
  • Cooking oil or
  • Soap + Water

Here, you need to apply the slippery liquid (and a plant based window cleaner is really the best one) to the area around the ring up to the first knuckle.

Wiggle the ring back and forth until the liquid gets under it and it should slide off.

If you’re worried about the liquid damaging the ring use an approved jewelry cleaner right away. Also make sure that whatever product you use is safe for skin contact. As a tip, if you can eat it, you can safely put it on your skin.

The High Five Ring Removal Technique

This is by far the easiest method, and one that requires the least external products. All you need is:

  • Stuck ring (you already have this)
  • The arm that’s attached to the hand that ring is stuck to

To use this technique simply elevate your arm above your shoulder with your fingers straight like you are waiting for a high five from a friend a few blocks away.

The longer you can hold it the better, but it should only take a few minutes for the blood to flow out of your hand and reduce the swelling so you can get the ring off.

Lie down and use a pillow to support your arm if it is too hard to hold your hand up for a prolonged period of time

These should all help you get a ring unstuck from your finger. Remember to get your ring resized before you put it back on. Even if you think it was just a one time thing, a stuck ring can lead to serious injury if you put it back on before it is resized.

Because of the unique process we use, we are one of few wooden ring companies that can resize our rings. So if you find that your ring is fitting a little snugly, maybe it’s time to get it resized!

Let us know if any of these tips save your knuckles, and fill us in on a few that we might have missed!

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