Summer Fashion 2015: A Few Of Our Favorites

Summer Fashion 2015 - Northwood Rings

While summer is still officially over a month away it’s not too early to start working on what you’re going to wear when the days are long and the nights are hot. The “it” word in summer fashion 2015 is “throwback.” Mid-century modern is back in living rooms across the land, so why shouldn’t it be back on the sand? Below are some of our favorite vintage-inspired summer styles that have gotten a 21st Century touchup.

Ray-Ban Cat Eye Sunglasses

Sunglasses: The classic 50’s cat eye is back in a big way. From big brands like Ray Ban revamping their offerings to include this vintage vixen, to Etsy users hand-making cat eye’s with wooden frames, there is something for every style and budge out there – and who doesn’t look great with the mystique of pointed frame vintage sunglasses?
For the fellas, look for more variations on the classic wayfarers but in more tame colors than we’ve seen in years past. Classic black, turtle shell, and even wooden frames are going to be a hit this year. Don’t wait for everyone else to get a pair before you get yours!

one piece swimsuit LL Bean

Swimsuits: Our favorite fashion bloggers are raving about the one piece swimsuit. For starters, just about everyone looks good in them, and they’re way more comfortable to wear around to, say, a pool side bar than a bikini is – and when legends of the silver screen like Aubrey Heburn were wont to wear the one piece you can pretty much ditch the argument that they’re strictly for moms. One-piece swimsuits are the great equalizer: all you need to have a beach body is a beach and the body you were born with.

sunspel swim shorts Sean Connery

For men, it’s all about the old school trunks. Gone are the board shorts of the radical 90’s. Here to stay are the classic stylings of manly men like Sean Connery. These trunks sit well of above the knee, so I would say were that much closer to equalizing what men and women wear out in the sun.

blue sundress

Blue: Blue is the color for everyone. From shades of powder blue and periwinkle to teal and navy blue, you’ll be seeing a lot more of the watery look this year. There are lots of good reasons for it. 1, it’s available in lighter shades that help keep you cool, but also darker shades that can compliment an evening over Moscow mules after a long day in the sun. 2, it’s generally pretty easy to compliment. Unlike other shades that have to go with black or brown, blue could go either way which essentially doubles you options for accessories and outfits. 3, despite what baby clothes might suggest, blue is really gender neutral. It looks great on pretty much everyone and can really bring out your eyes against a clear summer sky.
So that’s what we’re looking forward to and shopping around for – what do you have in mind? Are you going to be grabbing any of these before the rest of your friends? Let us know!

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